Video Gallery

S14S G2 Sit on top

SEA Surf Ski

S18SX Surf Ski

S16S Sit on top

S16 Generation

Boat Transportation

Seat Assembly

Debrito Bailer

Hatch Cover Operation

Over stern Rudder Removal

Paddle Fit

Understern Rudders

Skeg Service

Skeg Service

Touring Kayak Fit

Sit-on Top kayak Fit and Thigh Brace

Skeg Operation

Fine Tuning Footbrace

Thigh Strap

Stellar Foot Straps

Stellar Toe Pedal Adjustment

Stellar The Vent

Stellar ProWing

Stellar Foot Plates

Stellar Adjust the ProWing

Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis Promo

Stellar Kayaks 3 Point Quick Release Footbrace

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