Pro Wing Small


The Stellar Pro Wing Small has a reduced blade size from the original Pro Wing Mid, so the general feel and features will be similar.  The Pro Wing Small retains the easy and firm catch and allows for a higher tempo with reduced joint or muscle fatigue.  The rounded tip allows for variable catch angles, ideal for ocean conditions or choppy water.  This size paddle is best suited for mid-size to smaller paddlers, however, larger paddlers also find this shape and size beneficial for long-distance racing. To set this paddle up, assuming your present paddle is correct make the shafts the same length and rotate the blades so they are at your preferred angle. If coming from a Stellar Pro Wing Mid total length should be about 2.5cm shorter.

Blade Length: 19.1 in. / 48.6 cm
Blade Width: 6 in. / 15.2 cm
Blade Area: 104.6 in / 675 cm
Standard Length Range: 200-210cm
Cam collar: Aluminum
Shaft: Round
Weight: 24.4 oz / 692g


Wing Diagram

Wing Diagram<br><br>
Aluminum Cam Collar, Adjustable Length
and Feather
Aluminum Cam Collar, Adjustable Length <br>and Feather
Wing Motion Diagram

Wing Motion Diagram<br><br>

Construction Options & Pricing



Weight: 24.4 oz / 692g

Description: Ultra lightweight Carbon blade with spiral wrap finished durable woven carbon round shaft. Epoxy construction in heated press molds creates a durable finish on the blade.
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