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Pro Wing Small 200

Pro Wing Small 200
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Same as Pro Wing Mid except: Sized for masters, ladies and youth for medium to long races. Also idea for efficient long touring where multi-day and /or big mileage days. Great paddle for recovering from injury due to overuse or oversized paddle. To set this paddle up, assuming your present paddle is correct make the shafts the same length and rotate the blades so they are at your preferred angle. If coming from a Stellar Pro Wing Mid total length should be 2.5cm shorter.

Blade Length: 19.1 in. / 48.6 cm
Blade Width: 6 in. / 15.2 cm
Blade Area: 104.6 in2 / 675 cm2
Standard Length Range: 200-210cm
Shaft: Round
Weight: 24.4 oz / 692g