Lisa Hertz Malick

Marathon Canoe and Kayak
United States Canoe and Kayak Association/Florida Competition Paddlers Association

2018: K1 Marathon FCPA Open Women's Champion
Weeki Wachee River 15 miles
Great Pickle Race 12 miles
Rainbow River 12 miles
Wekiva River 12 miles
Loxahatchee River 10 miles

2017: Undefeated season for category (completed and won 4 races)
Weeki Wachee River 12 miles
Great Pickle Race
Rainbow River
Silver River

Ocean/Roughwater Races (highlights)
Key West Paddle Classic 12 Miles 2:16.17
1st Women/2nd Overall
Sharkbite 2017
1st Women Waterman (Ski/Prone).
2nd Women's Ski to finish 8 mile course in regular race.
Tocobaga Draft
2nd Overall

Open Course Races (highlights)
SIC Maui Neptunalia
1st Women/7th Overall
Cocoa Beach N Boards Fest
1st Women/2nd Overall
Flying Fish 7.5 Mile 2018
1st Women/4th Overall (no draft out of gender) 1:02.25
Palm Beach Paddlefest 2018
1st Women/8th Overall 50.13.64 (no draft out of gender)
Space Coast PaddleFest
1st Women/4th Overall
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