Salli O'Donnell

Salli "DeadCat" O'Donnell is an accomplished endurance athlete and was the 1st woman to complete the Mountain Masochist 50-mile Trail Run 10 times garnering her the coveted "10 Time Finisher" Jacket. In 2012 she transitioned from running to kayaking, where her 1st race was the WaterTribe's North Carolina 90 mile Challenge where she was the class winner. She followed this up with another NC win in 2013 setting the record and becoming the only woman to finish the challenge in less than 24 hours completing the course in 21 hours 36 minutes. In 2014 she set the Everglades challenge record for women finishing the 300 mile unsupported course in 5 days, 9 hours 47 minutes. Relatively new to the sport of paddling she has amassed an impressive resume.

Below are some of her highlighted accomplishments:

  • 2015: French Broad Classique 50 miler; Women's 1st place, (course record), 2d overall.
  • 2015: 100 mile James River Rundown; Women's 1st place (course record), 4th overall.
  • 2016: Long course Florida Nationals Miami, FL: Women's 1st place (course record), 3d overall
  • 2016: 140 mile James River Rundown; women's 1st place (course record), 2d overall
  • 2017: 340 mile MR340; 1st Place Women's finish, 2nd soloist and the 4th overall

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